Short but sweet: how digital ‘singles’ can boost your author profile

Short Stories – as Appetizers or Standalone – can still bring in some money 😀


Dark Dates

One of the criticisms of the digital book market is that it puts pressure on authors to constantly churn out new material: that on top of the ‘book a year’ demands of mainstream publishers, authors are now expected to produce digital-only short stories to keep their profile high and, of course, bring in extra income. (Although these are generally priced very low, for writers as popular as Tess Gerritsen and Lee Child – both of whom have successfully embraced this model – a lot of 99p sales soon add up). Short stories are now often used as ‘promos’ for new novels, either priced low or given away free in the weeks before a novel is published (a strategy used by Marcia Clark, for her Rachel Knight novels).

My reaction to this trend – both as a fan and a writer – is a positive one, and I must admit my…

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4 thoughts on “Short but sweet: how digital ‘singles’ can boost your author profile

  1. Huh, I didn’t know I was supposed to churn out short stuff to keep people interested! I’ll never do that. I don’t write short – the people who have reviewed my books will tell you that! I did publish one novella (about 19,000 words), and I published that short piece The Blessing of Krozem (perpetually FREE on Smashwords) because I thought some people might be interested to see what I was writing in the early days before termites. But otherwise, if people aren’t interested in long stuff, they are out of luck! 😀

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  2. Excellent, Well I don’t have to tell you, Chris, it’s always excellent. I am taking a free online course in Writing Fiction from a University in the USA. We were just discussing how fussy some of the big 5-10 traditional publishers have become with regards to accepting Novellas or shorter fiction for print. This Blog brings the hint of fresh air into an otherwise stale room. 😉

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