Meet Guest Author Petie McCarty

Petie McCarty

Hiya, Story-Reading Ape! Thanks so much for having me!

Holy Cow! I did it! I made the “big decision” this summer and gave up the day job to write full-time. So far, I couldn’t be more excited. Within two weeks of the big decision, my publisher offered a contract for my fifth novel, so I’m sailing full steam ahead.

Now, giving up the day job may sound like a hardship or a rescue of sorts — to have two full-time jobs and give up one — but that is not true at all. I was one of the lucky ones who had a dream job as a biologist at the “the Most Magical Place on Earth.” I worked in the land of fairy tales by day and created my own fairy tales by night.


So what do I write? I have two series I work on for the most part — the Mystery Angel Romances and the Cinderella Romances. The Mystery Angel Romances are love stories with an angel hidden in the plot. The angel’s identity is not revealed until the finale unless the reader figures it out first. Two Mystery Angel Romances are already published — No Going Back, a 2014 EPIC eBook Award finalist, and Angel to the Rescue, and the third is under contract and in progress.

The Cinderella Romances are just like the age-old fairy tale. Each heroine is a different Cinderella with her own backstory, her own Prince Charming to capture her heart, and her own villainous stepmother or boss or ex-girlfriend to try to keep Cinderella from her true love. [The Cinderella Romances are not scheduled for release as yet and are still visiting publishers.] The first Cinderella Romance is titled Cinderella Busted — the story of an eccentric landscape-nursery owner mistaken for a Jupiter Island socialite by a billionaire resort developer. Yikes!


How did you end up writing books you ask? It all started when I considered getting a new job, trying something new. While I couldn’t make up my mind where to look, these delightful movies began running in my head. I had never considered writing at any point in my life, but when the first movies plagued me long enough, I decided to put the stories to paper. Here I am — eleven movies later.

Getting published was the difficult part. Every writer takes a different road to publication, and the roads are of varying length and time, but the basic technique is always the same. The writer never gives up. That’s it. That’s the big secret. Perseverance. If you’re a writer, keep writing. As long as you keep at it and don’t give up, you will definitely get published.


Hobbies? Like regrets, I’ve had a few… but then, too few to mention. I’ve spent every spare minute writing or marketing for so long my hobby list is reduced to golf and movie-watching, both of which involve quality time with my sweetheart and both involve snuggling and/or smooching time with my sweetheart. Small wonder these are the two hobbies I refused to give up.

I thought I’d list brief hooks here for my published books on the chance you’ll want to visit my web site for a bigger taste — say, the first two chapters of each. Hopefully after that sample, you’ll want to finish the tale. If you do, I’d love to hear from you. I love getting feedback from my readers — no matter what. Every reader can teach you or show you something new for every reader is different.

Here’s my hooks — hope you like them:

 Everglades CatchOfTheDay  NoGoingBack AngelToTheRescue


Photojournalist Kayli Heddon is sent on an airboat safari for a photo essay and gets stranded deep in the Everglades with her ruggedly handsome guide.

Catch of the Day

Cody Ryan gets way more than she bargained for on vacation when she enters the annual all-male Loon Lake Tournament and finds herself paired with a sexy Coast Guard captain.

No Going Back (Mystery Angel Romance #1)

Kellen Brand is determined to sell her family farm to a resort developer. The handsome and reclusive rancher next door is determined to stop her.

Angel to the Rescue (Mystery Angel Romance #2)

Child psychologist Rachel Kelly is in desperate need of a guardian angel this Christmas with a stalker on the loose, but will her ex-boyfriend, police negotiator Jake Dillon, volunteer for the job?

Mystery Angel Romance #3 (Untitled; Under contract)

A Navy SEAL fears his recently murdered partner may have sent hijacked classified information back to his sister in the states for safekeeping. The SEAL has to get to the sister before the terrorists do.

Want to keep up with my writing progress? Here are links to my social media sites:




Happy reading, everyone!


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