Meet Guest Author and Poet Pamela Beckford


Pamela Beckford 01Hello, Mr., uh, Ape. Thank you for allowing me to take over some space on your vast network for a few minutes.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pamela Beckford and I’m a poet. Wow, that is really hard for me to say. I used to just say that I write poetry. But I think that makes me a poet, right?

In addition to being a poet, I’m the mom of a very talented daughter. She has a fashion design business and creates some amazing garments. She is also the mother of my fabulous grandson. He is five and the cutest little boy you have ever seen. No, really, he is adorable. He already has a mini career in modeling.

I started writing poetry about a year ago after some blogging friends encouraged me to give it a try. It was something I had never considered before. I never thought of myself as a writer of any kind. I’m a reader. But writing seemed to be a natural flow after reading as much as I have.

Let me talk about my reading first. I have always loved reading, from the time I was just a little girl. I’m never without a book within arm’s reach. And now with e-readers, it is so convenient to always carry a book or 300 with me. I publish quite a few reviews on the books I read on my blog and also on Goodreads.

Okay, now about my writing. As I said, I’m a poet. My poems are concentrated on love. Love can cover so many things. There is the angst of unrequited love. There is the exhilaration of a new found love. There is deep, abiding love. And there is love that manifests itself in human touch.


I have published two books of love poems. Dreams of Love was my first effort and is the smaller of the two collections. Love: Lost and Found is my latest collection. I have received several five star reviews on these books. I hope that when you read them, you will leave a review too.

I think you will find that both collections are filled with love poems that are heartfelt and will bring out strong emotions in the reader. I think that poetry is a very personal expression. Love poems are meant to be shared and read aloud. They should be savored and allowed to sit in a quiet space.


I also co-published a collection of poetry centering around nature with Kirsten A. Voices of Nature was fun to write – but also a bit challenging to coordinate. Kirsten was great to work with though and we are pleased with our collaboration.


I try to incorporate many different forms of poetry. Love: Lost and Found has over a dozen poetry forms represented. I have included an appendix detailing what the meter/syllable and rhyme scheme of the form entails. I enjoy finding and learning many new forms. A few of them have intimidated me, but they have all been fun to learn. You will notice I use a lot of the shorter forms. That requires very careful word choices to convey a powerful emotion. That makes it challenging and fun.

Oops, looks like I was a bit long-winded today. But I thank you for the opportunity to talk with you and all of your followers. I hope you will download and read my poetry books. You won’t be disappointed.

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11 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author and Poet Pamela Beckford

  1. Its a bit like standing up at AA, I imagine, isn’t, making that confession… I felt such a fraud when I finally admitted that I was an AUTHOR, instead of a ‘just a writer’. Good for you and well done for establishing yourself in a career as a POET… no mean feat! I wish you continued success!

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