Meet Guest READER Michelle Clements James


I am a reader, not a writer.  So why am I blogging?

Michelle Clements JamesI am a reader, and I blog about sharing the books I love whether romance, historical fiction, chick lit, biography, memoir, fantasy, classic, contemporary fiction, and children’s books.  What I will never read are thrillers (I even hid behind a pillow during JURASSIC PARK). My blog is a place to talk about current reads, and many of the wonderful books I’ve read over the years, as well. Occasionally I throw in a post about my family. I recently participated in the A to Z Challenge to write a post every day during April. I invite comments and recommendations to all posts.

A bit about me…

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio and raised my children here as well. I went to college at the University of Cincinnati and majored in Geology with a minor in German and in English.

After college, I entered the workforce, but soon left that behind when my children were born. While raising my sons, I embarked on a fulfilling volunteer path for such groups as our local children’s hospital, church, neighborhood association, PTA, classroom volunteer, Kindervelt (a local non-profit to benefit Cincinnati Children’s Hospital), military academy parents’ organization, and Make-a-Wish. Volunteering enabled me to develop lifelong leadership skills and establish an extensive professional and social network.

Of course, I have always been a voracious reader, seeking out books that are both satisfying and enjoyable. I have endeavored quite successfully to pass my love of reading on to my sons and grandchildren.

I am married to my soul mate and have three amazing adult sons and two wonderful daughters-in-law. At present count, I have three grandsons and a granddaughter. My grandchildren bring me the greatest joy imaginable.

From a Reader’s Point of View

I started blogging to share my thoughts on books I’ve read and a few other things besides (grandchildren included). But, I am a reader, not a writer as is clearly stated in the first line of the About page on my blog Book Chat. So why am I writing now? We-e-e-l-l, Chris the Story Reading Ape asked me to write something from a reader’s point of view.

Do I like to read? You bet! I will read anything I can get my hands on – short stories, the newspaper, books, poetry, magazines, cereal boxes. You get my point. I say anything, but that’s not quite true. I don’t particularly like science fiction, and I refuse to read anything spooky. No thrillers for me…none…zilch…nada…NEVER!


Reading books is by far my favorite, so what do I look for in a book?

  1. Characters that seem real are a must. This to me is the most important attribute. I want to get to know the characters, have a relationship with them whether friend or foe, good guy or bad. I want them to have depth, to be flawed, have the same problems as everyone else. And…I want them to be memorable!
  2. Plot. Plot is the second aspect I look for in a book. I expect something that is plausible and yet intense. I want it to pull me in from the start. I will read as far as a hundred pages, and if it hasn’t hooked me, I will go no further. Hey, there are too many fish in the sea books to settle for something that is sub-par. Give me a unique story line. Nothing is worse than reading a book that retells the same story with different people and places. Surprise me! Be creative! Give me something new! Do your homework. Don’t tell me every detail, lead me there. Just show me the way and leave room for my imagination.
  3. The ending? Again surprise me. Don’t be predictable. I don’t want to figure it out half way through the book (why finish?). Bring your story to an ending that is unforgettable. Leave me with a moral quandary to ponder. Please don’t just ride off into the sunset.

If a book doesn’t hold my interest in the above three areas, I will probably not pick up another by the same author.

Will I read a book that expresses political or religious beliefs, cultural or racial differences? Absolutely, but my reviews are about what is written, and are not necessarily my personal views.

Am I critical of the author? Yes and no. I will tell it as I see (or read) it, but I don’t believe in trashing a book or its author. It is perfectly okay for you to like a book I can’t stand or for me to love one that you couldn’t bring yourself to finish. My goal is that the reader, after perusing my reviews, will find a book worthy of his/her time.


E-Book or Physical Book? I love the feel and smell of a real bound book, but the convenience of being able to take a couple of books (okay, okay – a LOT of books) on my e-reader wherever I go is hard to resist. It is my favorite travel companion. There is no more finishing a book and wondering what to do for the next hour of the flight. I just start the next e-book.



Ok folks, I’ve got to go. I hear another book begging to be read, but if you’d like to visit with me, you can find me at the following online links:

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