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Karen IngallsI am an energetic Grandma who loves to write stories (both fiction and non-fiction) and poems. In my many years of walking on this earth I have faced, overcome, and weathered through some difficult challenges. I believe I have learned and grown to be a better person because of these events or people. It took my diagnosis of ovarian cancer for me to share any of my writings, and actually have two books published. I love to garden, play golf, and read when I am not sitting at my computer writing. I sit at my desk and look out the sliding doors to a beautiful Florida lake where I can see eagles, osprey, herons, egrets, and alligators to name just a few of God’s beautiful creatures. I am a Californian by birth, a Minnesotan in my heart, and a Floridian through retirement.

I write a weekly blog about health/wellness, relationships, spirituality, and cancer. This is one of my favorite times to write and I am always so thrilled to have a guest blogger from which some wonderful friendships have developed. I am so glad to be alive during the computer/Internet age. It is amazing.

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I love to write human interest stories, especially if I can use my imagination. My second novel is certainly challenging me with creativity and imagination plus historical facts. When I write I am in my own world which is quite peaceful and joyful. 

OutshineMy first book, Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir, was self-published with the help of Beaver’s Pond Press in the Twin Cities. From this wonderful publishing house I learned more than I would have ever imagined about publishing, marketing, and networking. Outshine provides information about this too often fatal and lesser known disease and also it offers hope and inspiration to women and their families. It placed in the top three for the Midwest Book Awards in two categories, and won First Place for the Indie Excellence Book Award in the “women’s health” category. I am very grateful for two things regarding cancer. One, that my life has been spared, and two, for the brave, beautiful, and inspiring women and families I have met over the past 6 years. My small way to help raise awareness and funding is to donate all proceeds to gynecologic cancer research at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute.

MBAIndie Excellence AwardMIPA

Novys SonMany people, friends, and strangers encouraged me to continue my writing and get it published. Therefore, my second book is a novel titled Novy’s Son, The Selfish Genius, which is the result of the many men I counseled as a nurse therapist. Many of them had the common issue of seeking love and acceptance from their fathers. The author, Robert Bly, wrote about this social issue in the 1990’s in his book, Iron John. In my novel the reader follows the life of Matthew Collins who unfortunately makes many unhealthy and poor choices as his way of getting attention from his father. The reader is left to decide if Matthew’s high intelligence, love for his two daughters, and his unique philosophy of life help him rise above his demons.

I am a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club and PnP Authors Promotions.

I have published articles in Oncology Times, Coping with Cancer, PearlPoint, and Southern Writers’ Magazine.

Thank you for this opportunity to share a little about myself.

Karen Ingalls

Both Books

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