Creative Genes Don’t Know When To Stop!

Many of you authors have talents beyond writing great stories (music, sculpture, painting, drawing, etc) I suspect that the creative genes within you just don’t know when to stop 😀

For example, author Denise Buckley (you’ll all meet Denise on 27th JULY) kindly sent me an email today with the two paintings displayed below:

Hi Chris

I painted these a few years ago, and now they remind me of you. My artist friends once called me the gorilla woman, but I’m hoping it wasn’t my looks they were referring to.



unknown 1320Here's looking at you kid!

Aren’t these GREAT?

You can visit with Denise at her Website HERE.

20 thoughts on “Creative Genes Don’t Know When To Stop!

  1. It’s so true about writers possessing other creative talents as well. Just like sportspeople who are great at many sports (not just their game of choice).

    I love Denise’s ape pictures and am heading in her direction now.


  2. Gorilla woman doesn’t sound so bad. I used to be called Winnie the pooh because my working uniform was yellow. L-O-L!
    Okay, maybe I looked like a bear, a little. 😉

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