Go on an adventure, use the Blog Drop Down Menus

I’ve noticed, with delight, that more and more visitors are using the Drop Down Menus near the top of the individual posts and pages.

To make it easier to track down particular Categories, I’ve gone through ALL my posts to date and ensured that are labelled as best I can.

Included in these categories are the following that I especially recommend:


I regularly reblog articles that I found of interest, gave me pause for thought, were just downright interesting or funny – and to add variety to the posts I do – why not look them up, visit the originating blogs and explore them as well – you never know what you’ll discover there!

Editing and Editors Tips

Invaluable free advice from various Professional Editors!

Monday Funnies

These have proven themselves to be very popular – go catch up with those you missed and have a nice relaxing chuckle or belly laugh 😀


Reblogged articles that I hope are especially useful to authors, writers, bloggers and readers – why not see what you may have missed!

Publishing Tips & Writing Tips

These do what it says on the tin and may help you avoid some of the pitfalls you may come across when self publishing 🙂

Book Promos

You may have missed the advertised Freebies, but you may still find a book or three that you really want to read anyway – DON’T FORGET to leave Review Comments on Goodreads, the Online Store you got the book from, etc.

Book Covers For Sale

OK, so it’s SHAMELESS PROMOTION time LOL – give this old tatty furred ape a chance and go look at some of my efforts, then check out the covers already published or to be published in the future 😀

Theyre HOT coloured


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