Spare an orang-utan, Guv?

Seriously Folks – these are FELLOW APES – Remember, there but for a fluke of gene and chromosome combinations, go YOU, ME and HUMANKIND as we know it!

The Bingergread Cottage

I’m writing this to ask you to do one thing for me. Please CHECK before you buy your Easter Eggs. Make sure they don’t contain palm oil.

Why? Because adding palm oil to chocolate is a cheapskate way to up the profits for the manufacturer and adds nothing to the quality or taste. What it does do is threaten the habitat of orang-utans. Their forests are chopped down to make way for palm-oil production. The apes themselves are slaughtered, burnt or captured. I won’t go into grisly details or post horrible photos but, please…give them a break.

Here are some links to places where you can check palm-oil free products.

There are masses of ethical shopping ideas on here.

This article in the Guardian is great for checking what ones are “goodies”.

If you get into this for Easter, why not keep it going through the year? Just look…

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