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Rebecca DouglassGreetings, Ape-fans! I’m so pleased that Chris has invited me (well, allowed me with lots of bananas for bribes) to stop in and introduce myself. Some of you may have thought you saw me sneaking around the corner in the library, but actually that was just one of my creations. I’m the author of The Ninja Librarian, and his second book, Return to Skunk Corners, but alas, I lack the coordination necessary to be a Ninja librarian myself.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMy name is Rebecca Douglass, and as noted, I’ve penned a pair of preposterous tall tales about Skunks Corners and the Ninja Librarian. I got the ideas for many of the stories while working at my local library (and the title character is modeled after our own beloved librarian, now retired). I love libraries, and am generally as happy as a clam at high tide when surrounded by piles of books.

RtSCI’ve been writing books since I was a small child, but when the Ninja Librarian walked into my life I knew I had something special. For the first time in my life a story just came to me, and I only had to write it down (and rewrite, revise, polish, and think up a dozen or so more to go with it). I’ve been penning stories about Skunk Corners (his adopted home somewhere sort of like the Sierra foothills of California, though it could as easily be the Colorado Rockies) ever since, and love it when kids and adults come and ask me when the next book is coming!

TNLMy newest book, scheduled for release on March 24, follows me in another direction: Death By Ice Cream, A Pismawallops PTA Mystery draws on my years of experience as, you guessed it, a PTA mom! But I have to say nothing ever looked quite that bad around our PTA. But then, we weren’t stuck on Pismawallops Island, either!

DbICDeath By Ice Cream is a cozy mystery, probably my favorite genre for fun reading. I began writing it several years ago when I was neck deep in little kids and PTA work. I couldn’t finish it until my kids got to high school, though! The hardest thing for me about writing it was putting any kind of violence—even only half-serious violence—into a school setting. I ended up setting it in a high school because I just couldn’t do it at a grade school. That may be why I had to set it aside for several years. I couldn’t really write the high school scene until my kids reached that age!

When I’m not writing books, pushing books on people who came to the library for a video, or helping our schools, I’m often out running, biking, or hiking. The only thing I like more than books is being outdoors! I appall my urban friends by considering last summer’s vacation just about perfect: 27 days (and nights) camping, hiking, and backpacking in the Canadian Rockies.

M1PWaYHere I am in my natural habitat:

I love the outdoors and backpacking so much that I wrote a picture book about taking kids hiking, called A is for Alpine: An Alphabet Book for Little Hikers. Every letter of the alphabet is illustrated with a photo by myself or my husband, most featuring our boys, who proved over and over that you don’t have to be big to love backpacking. I sell it cheap to help other parents and kids get over their doubts about going into the wilderness with children. One day I hope to get around to writing more of a “how to” manual for backpacking parents.

So come on around and meet me HERE, I’ve taken to writing both book reviews and Flash Fiction and sharing them with my readers. This link HERE tells you how to buy my fun and funny books.

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14 thoughts on “Guest Author Rebecca Douglass

    • Thanks! The backpacking alphabet was fun to put together–and contains at least one word that is new to most of the adults who’ve seen it, too.


  1. Nice post, lovely pics and covers too, Chris! Rebecca sounds so energetic. I would like some of her energy about now. Could use her youth too! Lol! Nice to read about you and meet you, Rebecca!


    • Thanks, jjspina. I have to admit my youth and energy are both more a matter of determination than reality, with the half century mark disappearing in the rear view mirror! But I have no intention of giving up on the things that give me joy, until they carry me out feet first 😀


  2. And I didn’t know this when I wrote the post, but all my books are participating in Read an EBook week at Hit the Smashwords link above and get the Ninja Librarian and A is for Alpine free, and Return for only a dollar!


  3. Thanks for having me over to visit, Chris! It was fun writing this, and you did a lovely job of mixing in the covers and all!


  4. My goal was always to take my boys backpacking around south america as I did in my younger days…then my disabled daughter came along and changed all that! We still travel, disabled people enjoy all the experiences of foreign climes and adventure too, but we have too much equipment for backpacking now. We take the boys on day hikes up our local mountains instead while Carys stays at home with her minder. Its important to foster a love of the outdoors while still young. Your little hikers book is a great idea!


    • Thanks Ali! And good for you dealing in whatever ways you can. We are taking our boys abroad this summer for the first time–but still heading to the mountains!



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