Depression: The Invisible People

Alana MunroThe number of Authors that have depression is staggering – but please be assured – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!

I wrote this interview to myself. I know, crazy right? This post was painful to publish but I feel it is important that I continue to raise awareness about depression.

I wanted to imagine a random person asking me some pretty difficult questions about my depression. I truly hope this post helps readers understand the complexities of this mental illness. If anything I hope this post encourages compassion for any person who is depressed.


  • What’s wrong with you? What could be so wrong with your life? I mean, look at you…your life is perfect.

I guess you could say my life is perfect but really that’s your assumption. This kind of attitude makes me feel guilty. Deep down, I know you are right. I have everything to live for and I am incredibly blessed and fortunate.

  • How can you be depressed then?

It’s not something I want to happen…

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