A Quarter Of The 100 Best Selling Books On Amazon Are By Self Published Authors

K Morris - Poet

Today’s Daily Mail has an article regarding Amazon’s statement that a quarter of the company’s 100 bestselling books are by indie authors. The figures pertain to the USA, however it is believed that similar statistics apply as regards the United Kingdom. There are, perhaps not surprisingly a lot of sour grapes in the comments following on from the article, to the effect that all indie works are of inferior quality and “real” authors are published by established publishing houses. In reality there are, of course poor quality works in the indie sector and that of traditional publishing. The article provides hope for all us self-published authors and those considering self-publishing. For the article please visit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2518546/Amazon-reveal-quarter-100-Kindle-books-written-self-published-indie-authors.html

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5 thoughts on “A Quarter Of The 100 Best Selling Books On Amazon Are By Self Published Authors

  1. When I complete my memoir it will be in the region of 300 + words, I intend to first publish it online. If it proves to be successful, which I think it will be!!, then I will publish it POD. As for the cost I have not yet given it too much thought.


  2. This although not totally unexpected, is great news.However, I wonder as to the cost of most of the books published. This I know is not too important, as the main thing is to get published, and by self publishing the costs can be minimal.


    • Most of my books (3 out of 4) cost me nothing to produce other than the time expended in writing them! As for the cost of the books themselves, my long short story, Samantha costs £2.3 in the Kindle store to download. Promoting my books has lead to them receiving reviews which, in time helps to boost sales (well, hopefully)!


  3. I may not be a best seller (yet – ha, ha!), but I am a “real” author and my indie books are not inferior in quality. I will continue using every means I can think of to develop a readership! Thanks to Mr. S. R. Ape for providing one of those means!



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