This December buy INDIE books as presents!

As you all know, we are fast approaching that magical (and most expensive) month of the year – DECEMBER!

With all the recent heart-rending cries from Indie authors all over the world and blogosphere regarding eBook sales, or, more correctly, LACK of eBook sales of THEIR books, I thought I’d throw my furry 300 lbs blog weight into the arena as well and craft an article on the subject:

This December buy INDIE books as presents!

Unfortunately, I am not an author, so how on earth can I write an article that will be effective and interesting enough to make people think and act on what I am asking them to do?

The article title is eye-catching enough I think, but the message needs to be spread around LOTS of times, so it penetrates the otherwise ‘busy trying to think what to buy” minds.

I KNOW! – I’ll do a nice attractive POSTER for people to pin onto their blogs and websites.

They can also reblog this article and share it (more than once if they like) on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr and Digg using the share buttons under it.

They can even Email it and Print it using the share buttons I have.

Right – Sorted – Here it is folks – the Ape’s contribution – hope you like it and btw, please read my plea under it:

Read Indie Books Appeal

BTW – The Ape urgently requires articles from Authors, Publishers (YES – PUBLISHERS), Literary Agents (YES – LITERARY AGENTS), Librarians (YES – LIBRARIANS), Poets, Scribblers, Bloggers, (and anyone else associated with getting books and stories out to the readers of the world) who can string a few coherent words together (in the correct order) about themselves, their writings, work, blogs, etc.

To see what I’d need for Guest articles and the email address to send them to, click HERE

18 thoughts on “This December buy INDIE books as presents!

  1. I’m going to do some year-end shopping in a local bookstore that sells many books by small publishing companies and self-publishing authors. Does it count?🙂


  2. Tweeted, chirped, Pinterested, re-blogged, copied to a sandwich board and draped around my neck. Off to FaceBook now to repeat you on there too. Later on I shall have this tattooed on the dog’s buttocks and send him out around the village to spread the message.

    If only there were some way to make eBooks (and paperbacks) look like shiny plastic rubbish with a “Made in China” sticker they’d be so much easier to sell at Shoppingmas. Oops – I mean of course, Christmas.



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