Guest Author Graham Downs

Graham Downs

I grew up in Alberton, Guateng, in South Africa, in the 1980s and 1990s. The year I turned six, I went to Alberton Primary School, where my mom was a teacher, and I ended up in her Grade One class. From a very early age, she instilled in me a love of reading and speaking, and so by the end of my first year of schooling, I was reading a year ahead of other kids my age. Throughout Primary School I participated in various reading competitions, and graduated to public speaking and debating in High School. I believe that this helped to foster a strong and vivid imagination, and I’ve always yearned to tell the stories that were in my head because of it.

Another passion I’ve had for as long as I can remember is computer programming, and I was extremely fortunate to land a job as a software developer, fresh out of school. My passion for telling stories never went away though, and throughout my adult life I’ve loved reading and writing. But I was always far too self-concious to unleash my wafflings onto the public at last.

Until almost a year ago, when I took the plunge and self-published my short story, A Petition to Magic. I’ve been amazed to see people reading it, and giving me honest feedback. It’s extremely humbling, and I’m hooked! Expect to see many many more!

Although I don’t see myself leaving programming, I now have the confidence to persure my other dream, and I hope everyone will appreciate what I have to say as much as I enjoy saying it!

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You can find out all the places where you can get the aforementioned short story, A Petition to Magic

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