Can I improve my blog?

Trusty and much valued followers and visitors, I need your feedback.

Am I posting too frequently (an article almost every day), does it make it difficult for you to keep up?

Are there authors / books / genre that you especially enjoy and have either not yet seen, or, not seen enough of on this blog?

I’m nowhere close to running out of authors, but it is important to me that I cover authors and books that interest you, not just me.

Any other suggestions you have would be appreciated.

I’d like to connect with you better, but I need your help to do so!

Please let me know your views, either by using the comments box below, or email me direct, thank you.


28 thoughts on “Can I improve my blog?

  1. I don’t think that it matters how many times a day you post.
    If I like a blogs content or the character that always shines through from its author, I always go back for more.
    You’re doing perfectly I think – love the variety, and your genuine sentiments.
    As far as new book finds – I love finding the funny guys.
    When I first read Robert Rankin I thought, “What a tool!”, now I’m his number one fan – even stalk him on Facebook – ha haa!
    You never know what newbie genius is lurking out there, so carry on doing what you’re doing – you do it really well! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the follow.
    I find your blog interesting and am following as well.
    I post twice a week and sometimes get lost in the traffic jam.
    I think more than once a day really loses impact.
    Thanks again.


  3. Chris, it’s hard for me to dictate what you should do.
    I’m new to your blog.
    My thought is, keep doing what you’re doing.
    My philosophy for my own blog is to keep it as “work-free” as possible.
    Blogging is enjoyable. If it feels like work, I don’t want to do it, because I have enough work outside of blogging.


  4. I dont think it’s too many, as long as you have plenty of matierial. Just be prepared for the fact that all your readers won’t see all your posts. I admit that I can only read posts for a dedicated period for about 2 times, maybe 3 a week. For that reason, I have to skim some of them, and let’s face it, I’m just going to miss some of them too. But, it’s good to see your furry face in my reader a lot, because many times I’ll see you and go, “oh, it’s been a while, let’s check in”. Then I actually GO to your blog and scroll thru your posts!

    I think one per day is good for long posts. short ones that just highlight a cute pic or something can be more.

    I’ve unfollowed many a blog that seem to spam posts. like more than 5 a day…every day…that’s annoying. hugs to you 😛


    • I try to limit my own posts to one per day, but if I see something on another blog that cries out for sharing, like your recent post, I reblog it, or Rysa’s recent celebration, or Mel’s Mega Giveaway with 30 author’s involved, then I post it instead of, or added to, my planned post 🙂


  5. I wish I could be as productive as you are, Chris.
    I have lots of ideas and materials for my blog but I do not always know how to put them into words.


  6. Blogging schedules are really dependent on the individual who’s posting, so there’s no “one size fits all.”
    I’ve been posting twice a week but will likely drop to one post per week in June.
    Like you, I value the engagement with readers on my blog.
    So I follow more than I probably should. And for that reason, it’s easier for me to follow bloggers who only post 1-3 times per week. More than that, and I simply can’t keep up.
    I feel bad about that, but I do have a day job and I’m working on several writing projects.
    Those have to take priority.
    Really, though, it comes down to your goals and what you want to do.


    • My goal is simple, to introduce as many new authors and their books as possible …

      So that everyone has the chance to get to know them and enjoy their works 🙂

      AND to help those authors reach their readers …..


  7. Chris,
    I think your blog is a wonderful resource and that you are managing it very well.
    I like the simplicity of the layout and how easy it is to navigate among your many features.
    Like some of the comments so far, I too have a difficult time keeping up with blogs that post daily.
    I know bloggers are encouraged to post daily, but I don’t think you really need to.
    In my humble opinion, if you had a schedule of 2-3 posts a week, that would be fine.
    I like Mitch Lavender’s suggestions for creating a backlog.
    It is easy to run out of material if one blogs too frequently.
    I think you have a happy camp of followers so … if it ain’t broke … 🙂


  8. I think being able to post everyday is admirable, don’t back off.
    It takes a while to build up your audience and you seem to be going at a good pace.
    Your source material is eclectic, you’ve found a voice that works for you and you’re fun to read.
    Keep it up, I will keep coming back 😉


  9. I’ve been a wallflower on your blog for a month or so. The content is good and I dig the vibe, but speaking for myself alone, I just don’t have time to read all the blogs that interest me every day. I check in once a week, so daily content is less important to me.

    As a blogger myself, I also know that puts a lot of stress on you to post something fresh every day. It’s a blog – don’t bust a nut over it.

    When I write a post that is not time relevant (i.e., it isn’t about a book or film that has just released), I backlog it and schedule it to post at a later date. In this way, I am sure to have 2 new posts every week up through the end of July, even if I write nothing else between now and then.

    If I write something that is time sensitive (ex., I’m blogging about a 3-month hiatus from social media), I just work it in ad-hoc, on a day I have no post scheduled.

    This works for me, and might work for you too.

    Hang in!



  10. Actually, one of the reasons why I followed is because you post everyday.
    I used to do that, but I gradually ran out of interesting topics to be able to post every day.
    So, all I have to say is – keep doing what you do. : )


  11. From the looks of things, for a new blog, you’re doing really well in terms of engagement from readers.
    The mix is good and interesting – I’d say keep doing what you’re doing if you are happy with the pace 🙂


  12. You’re alright.
    I wish I could post everyday, too, but I don’t have enough material.
    My mind’ s always blank.
    That’s why I can only post 2 to 3x a month.



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