Author Stephanie Flint (Nee’ Bibb)

Stephanie FlintStephanie graduated from the University of Central Missouri in spring 2012, with a Bachelor of Science in Photography (technical) and a minor in creative writing.

Rather than focusing on the art of taking the photograph itself, she specialized in photoshop techniques.

She merges multiple photos (sometimes her own, sometimes stock, depending on the needs of the project) to create unique illustrations

As a writer and reader herself, she’s geared her work towards book cover design.

Stephanie fully understands just how important a book cover is to attracting potential readers, and strive to create something that the author can enjoy while still getting the attention a book deserves.

As a writer, Stephanie mostly writes young adult fiction.

Her current project includes a science fiction series, co-authored by her husband, Isaac.

The first manuscript is complete and being queried.

Meanwhile, Stephanie has written short stories of various genres.

For her final project as part of the Honors program at the University of Central Missouri, Stephanie self-published 1000 Words: A Collection of Short Stories (many of these are free and were published originally under her maiden name Stephanie Bibb).

Her stories include: ‘Aenima’, ‘The Magician’, ‘Socks’, ‘Shafted Dreams’, ‘Ashes’, ‘Four Way Stop’, ‘Snow Witch’, ‘The Hunt’ & ‘The Carrier’.

To find out more about Stephanie and her books, click the links below:




Smashwords Authors Page

Barnes & Noble



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