What is an Author?


Licence to use image obtained – Copyright: Dmytro Pauk 123RF Stock Photo


Terry Pratchett, in one of his Science Of Discworld books, postulates that out of all the different species of Homo Sapiens that evolved on this planet, Homo Sapiens Sapiens were the only species that succeeded and survived because they were Story Telling Apes, who could pass on information so that others of the species could recognise and avoid the pitfalls that led to the demise of the other Homo Sapiens species.

That suggests that for every story telling ape, there was at least one story listening ape.

To me, an author is a Story Telling Ape who has the overpowering urge to not only tell a story, but write it, publish it and sweat buckets waiting for other people to say how much they enjoyed it.

For an author, there can be nothing worse than getting no reaction, no feedback, no recognition for the hours, days, weeks, months or even years they’ve spent on their labour of love, their dream, their baby.

I hope that this blog goes, even a little way, towards giving these Story Telling Apes, the recognition they seek and deserve.

11 thoughts on “What is an Author?

  1. I love the idea of story-telling and story-listening apes – it actually fits really well with the ideas of mimicry that often kick in for survival and evolution theories 🙂 Good luck with the blog



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